Bold Magic Travel | Europe | September 2016
Welcome, adventuress! I'm so happy you're here and that you're considering joining us for this 2016 Bold Magic Travel adventure to Germany & Luxembourg.

This trip is a small group experience with 9 women, each carefully selected to create an intimate experience with people who fit together seamlessly.

This transformative experience is $2900 (early bird sign up - before 5/30) or $3300 (after 5/30).

Please answer the questions below and I will be in touch to schedule a phone call with you to discuss the trip and collect your deposit.

If you are not truly considering joining us, please do not apply. We have more women on the wait list than slots available and I want to make sure that we are able to give free chats to people who are seriously considering coming.
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What do you feel your biggest obstacles, challenges and struggles are right now? *

Please describe your current day job or business, how happy you are (on a scale from 0-10): *

What is limiting or blocking you in your career that you would like to shift?

What is your travel "style"? (Do you travel well with other people, do you enjoy conversations with strangers, what about you as a person is a contribution to your fellow travelers and to our group?)

What area are you not as confident in, when it comes to international travel? *

Is there anything else you think I should know about you or that you would like to tell me? *

Are you willing to invest in yourself and your future through this transformative experience in Europe? *

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